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Makeup Organizer Top Tray Sectionals for Cosmetics, Skincare, Jewelry & Accessories

Need a flawless beauty routine? Keep your makeup and tools sitting pretty with our top tray organizers! Most tops feature divided slot compartments to quickly grab brushes, lipsticks, mascara, eye pencils, essential oils, and more. Now you’ll be ready for the hectic morning rush or an impromptu cocktail hour. As your collection grows, they stack perfectly above any drawer modular.




Easy Access


  • Keeps your products at arm’s length and ready to use with just a quick glance.
  • Select top trays are shallow enough to fit inside drawers to keep valuable gems a disguise.
  • Practical solution to avoid cluttered counters, make-up bags, and cabinets.


Divided Slots

  • Slot compartments come in various shapes and sizes to sort your essentials.
  • Larger slots are ideal for perfumes, lotions, and, polishes, essentials oils, etc.
  • Smaller slots are ideal for pencils, brushes, nail files, lipsticks, etc.


Stylish Display


  • Creates a striking display that rival luxury beauty salons and makeup counters.
  • Pairs or stacks with other units in the Sorbus organizing system for a complete look.

Chic addition to vanity, bathroom counter, dresser, tabletop, or beauty station.