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When it comes to beautifying your vanity, it’s all about the aesthetic.


Beautiful vanity, beautiful you! Whether it's a night out with the ladies, day-time glam, or inspo from a zillion makeup tutorials on YouTube, a creative workspace is essential in any daily makeup routine. Yes, we said workspace. Your vanity is your hub for all-things-glam.


After consulting Pinterest, channeling our inner HGTV skills, and studying a few makeup tutorials, we have gathered some of our best tips to beautify any vanity. If your vanity space makes you feel beautiful — why not personalize it with all your favorite things! Before your next glam session, follow these simple steps.


 Beautify Your Vanity - Sorbus Beauty Organizers

Organize, organize, organize!

Yeah, it’s that important. The time has come to no longer dig for that particular rosy shade of lipstick. Decluttering your vanity will allow you to have instant access to your latest and greatest eyeshadow palette. Don’t know where to start? That’s easy. Shop transparent cosmetic organizers to beautify your vanity AND create an organized space for your belongings! Your vanity is your time to shine. Tuck away products you rarely use and save your beautiful new workspace to show off designer perfumes, new products, and frequently used items.

Set aside time to purge products and create a wish list for more. Then, organize again! Having drawers for different types of products and a space for makeup brushes will not only beautify your vanity, but it will save time each day (especially when you still need to pack lunch)! If you’re ready to get organized, click here.

Super Bright Vanity Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Who has the best contour of them all? Well, you do because choosing the right mirror guarantees  smooth makeup application every time. Deciding the overall aesthetic for your vanity mirror is crucial for both practical and decorative purposes. What’s your style?  Is it antique, modern, or do you require an illuminated Hollywood style mirror used by makeup artists and celebrities. To complement the gorgeous reflection you see each day, pair your mirror with your favorite fresh flowers! Whichever style you choose, having the perfect mirror will lead to camera-ready results!  

Makeup artist dong makeup in front of bright lights

Lighting on fleek.

Per the beauty experts, Au Naturale is the way to go. If your vanity is positioned near a window, or an area that receives a great deal of natural light, you’re in good shape. Natural light is recommended by makeup artists across the board for guaranteeing evenly diffused and blended makeup application. If you are not in a well-lit area, fear not! Light fixtures can be just as effective if positioned properly. Pro-Tip: Direct light at your face to avoid any shadows!

Colorful room with vanity table and comfy chair

Choose a color scheme.

Just like when you’re deciding between brazen reds, smoky eye or blush tones, beautifying your vanity is all in the color scheme. However, this time we may keep it a little less rebellious. Having a tranquil color scheme with airy colors will create an open and inviting space. Softer shades and neutral colors will be pleasing on the eye and leave room for your striking products to shine! We recommend rose, baby blue, or neutral tones.

Closeup of chair with fur throw

Take a seat.

Beauty is pain, but it shouldn’t be caused by your chair! When choosing a throne to coincide with your vanity, there are many ways to ensure beauty AND comfort. First and foremost, choose a stool, bench or vanity. Then, make it pretty! Take an old chair and get crafty. This allows you to have a chair that is just as glam as your brand new vanity. Not to mention, a comfortable space while you perfect your makeup routine.

Chairs can be revamped by following these core steps:

  1. Sanding and cleaning
  2. Spray paint
  3. Padding
  4. Fabric (Fur, cushion, leather) Get inspired from this redecorated chair here.
Flat lay of coffee, flowers, camera, candles and stationary items

Set the mood.

Pulling together a vanity includes creating the ambience. When dressing up the space, grab some fresh flowers or one of your favorite Yankee Candle’s for a relaxing aroma. Adding this refreshing touch will really tie the space together!

I’ll add the quote to the frame

let your smile change the world, framed quote


Add that personal touch.

Your vanity needs your flair. Mix in pictures of loved ones, inspirational quotes or trinkets that mean a lot to you. Remember, this is your space and it should inspire creativity and love every time you take a seat! We are feeling better already! When it comes to your vanity, you are allowed to be as creative as you want. However, what it really comes down is organization. By sticking to a few basic guidelines, your vanity will be a place for you to express yourself each and everyday.  

How do you dress up your space? Comment your favorite tips to beautify your vanity below!






Author: Amanda Hayes 

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