Makeup Organizer Sets

Medium Tie-Dye Makeup Organizer Set - (4 large / 2 small drawers/top tray)
Medium Tie-Dye Makeup Organizer Set - (3 large / 4 small drawers/top tray)

Makeup Organizer Sets for Cosmetics, Skincare, Jewelry & Accessories

Need a solution for your expanding makeup collection? Arrange all your essentials with an all-in-one makeup station. Our sets feature both top and drawer combinations for a clear view of your most cherished products. Beautifully store and display anything from palettes, lipsticks, and nail polishes, to jewelry, hair accessories, and personal care items.



Top Compartment Trays 

  • Helps arrange your most-used items with easy visibility and meticulous organization.
  • Grid style compartments keep makeup brushes, eyeliners, pencils, lipsticks, perfumes, and more in separated sections.
  • Can be used alone or in combination with drawers. When used alone, top trays fit inside most dresser drawers to keep valuables a disguise. 

Bottom Drawers 

  • Removable easy grab drawers open and close smoothly for quick access.
  • Great for keeping makeup, accessories, and prized possessions in place.
  • Select models include removable black mesh padding to protect from scratching and sliding. 

Detachable & Stackable:

  • Allows a custom DIY display to fit your preference.
  • Sets are detachable to be used separately for individual display.
  • Interchangeable design stacks with other units for additional storage.