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We’re bringing a whole new meaning to “standby” and no, we don’t mean a flight status. After booking your trip, there’s that lag period between shopping, packing, and actually leaving. Before you pack your bags, you’ll need a stylish place to keep all your travel essentials on standby. If you find yourself hella confused on what to pack, dumping products into your suitcase, or forgetting items once you’ve arrived, consider this a friendly gesture to get it together!

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In honor of the travel days ahead, we hand selected our best-selling makeup organizers to guide you on how to store anything from perfume to passports. Just imagine your vanity turning into “Travel Beauty Station.” When you’re ready to pack, simply transition from any Sorbus Beauty organizer directly to your packable duffel, cosmetic bag, carry-on, or suitcase. Start checking off your packing list now so you can prepare for the relaxing beach days ahead, City sightseeing, or epic cross-country road trip. Here are 7 travel essentials to keep on standby inside Sorbus organizers until departure.         


1. Travel Documents

Sorbus Beauty - Travel Documents Organized and Ready


Out to explore the world? Keep track of everything from passports, maps, and Itineraries to a luxury Louis Vuitton City Guide for sightseeing. A handy checklist can stay inside the top drawer so when you’re ready to pack, you can check it off like a boss. Bonus points for being organized and stylish. Friends will be amazed at how well how you handle your business!


2. First-Aid Essentials

Sorbus Beauty - Organize your First Aid Essentials

If you find yourself obsessing over airport germs or prone to headaches, bug bites, seasickness, and allergies, this is for you! This multiple drawer organizer accommodates tons of first aid products whether for a weekend getaway or remote destination. Before every trip, stock up on everything from disinfectant wipes to Band-Aids and Benadryl. Definitely not a glamorous kit, but arguably the most important for whatever adventure is on your itinerary. Better safe than sorry!


3. Toiletries

Sorbus Beauty - Organize all your toiletries in one convenient space!

Pack small, primp later! If you’re traveling by plane, opt for TSA-approved minis like travel sized shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, and moisturizer so you can freshen up mid-fight. Once you have everything together, group them by product type inside your clear organizer. It may seem trivial, but seeing everything really makes life easier! Toiletries and bathroom essentials can take up tons of space in your suitcase, not to mention get you flagged by TSA if too big for your carry-on.


4. Makeup

Sorbus Beauty - Organize your Travel Makeup for quick take off!

Does anyone else struggle to pack light when it comes to makeup? It's so easy to just throw ALL your makeup in your cosmetic bag but it’s best to determine if you’re a low maintenance beauty or a glam master before you pack.  Start organizing your travel makeup station with your most versatile palettes and condense liquids, such as foundations inside small travel bottles to minimize space. Sorbus Beauty makeup cases offer multiple slots for various sized nail polish, mascara, eye shadow, and more. And don’t forget a couple of nude lippie options! You can find travel sized cosmetics at beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta or included as a freebie with big purchases. With mini-sized products, you’ll have enough options while making sure everything transitions smoothly into one makeup bag.


5. Shoe Bags

Sorbus Beauty - Store all your travel bags in one place!

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world! (Literally). Whether you’re packing sandals for the beach or 6-inch heels for the night-life scene keep shoes in mint condition with travel shoe bags. We suggest these waterproof travel shoe bags in a pack of four.  Each bag features a transparent window for quick viewing and portable loop handle for carrying or hanging. To minimize space, fold each bag flat inside clear organizer drawers until packing day. When placed inside luggage, they keep dirty shoes separated from clean clothes for seamless packing. Store heels, slippers, sandals, and low-top sneakers, or even damp swim gear and toiletries.    


6. Accessories

Sorbus Beauty - Accessories can be organized in our drawers too!

Trendsetters know a good thing when they see it! With this four compartment organizer, it’s so easy to organize your accessories so you can globe trot in style! Store all your must-have hair accessories, hair ties, bobby pins, bandanas, scarves, sunglasses, jewelry, and more. When it’s time to layout and plan your Instagram worthy outfits, you’ll know exactly where to go and accessorize. After all, what better way to spend your Saturday morning than to sort out all your favorite accessories.


7. Gadgets

Sorbus Beauty - Protect and store all your electronics in a clear organizer

As if it isn’t hard enough to plan out your wardrobe, minimize your makeup, and edit your accessory collection for vacay. Now you have to consider how you’ll organize, charge, and protect your devices. After all, you’ll need a good pair of headphones to drown out that crying baby with an Ariana Grande/Beyonce playlist. Or better yet, an external charger to preserve your phone’s battery life during an outdoor adventure. In the meantime, create your own personalized tech station filled with all your gadget must-haves.


 Sorbus Beauty - Organize your Travel Necessities with Clear Organizers

You’ll love seeing all of your products conveniently stowed away with a transparent view.

Whether heading to Toronto, New York City, Mexico, or Paris, grab your bestie and pack together, keeping all your travel essential on standby. With our packing hacks and tips, you’ll be able to leave just enough room in your suitcase for some unique beauty products found during your travels. Bon voyage!   



Ready to be fully consumed by the wanderlust? Having trouble staying organized before you travel?  Do you love to keep everything in its place? Tell us in the comment section below!


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