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Whether it's a corner, cabinet, or full on glam room, our spotlight series takes a peek inside the organized beauty spaces of customers, influencers, and the makeup-obsessed!

Beauty Space Spotlight: Q&A with Influencer, Thania (@thaniaofficial)


We caught up with beauty influencer, Thania to learn more about her beauty secrets, iconic pink glam room, plus her tips n' tricks using our 3-piece deluxe makeup organizer. Grab a snack and watch her "Organize with Me Vanity Tour" video below.


Q: You have an adorable beauty space! What is your favorite part?

A: I think my favorite part of my beauty room / walk in closet is my pink sofa!Initially I thought I’d have a love hate relationship with it but now that I have it, it’s my favorite spot. I’m always Lounging on it while editing or browsing and it’s adorable to take pictures on.


Q: How would you describe your style?

A: I live by this “if a bratz doll or Barbie wouldn’t wear it, throw it away” LOL


Q: How often do you organize and re-arrange your room?



Q: What attracted you to Sorbus Beauty Makeup Organizers?

A: The versatility, variety, and of course the fact that there are PINK options. Also, the price range is reasonable and the organizers are great quality.


Q: Have you always loved pink? When did you redo your beauty room into this pink magical space?

A: I honestly have loved pink since I was a little girl. I had a pink Barbie room that turned into bratz, then ballet themed, then zebra and hot pink, and eventually adapted a more sophisticated blush pink aesthetic. I’ve been on YouTube since my hot pink and zebra day’s so if you scroll far enough... lol you’ll find it.


Q: What’s your FAVORITE makeup brand right now?

A: I have to admit, I love Too-Faced, Kylie cosmetics, and Jeffree star. I just can’t get enough... the packaging is everything and quality is A1. It’s hard to ask a makeup artist her favorite brand though because there’s things I prefer from different brands.


Q: What’s your organizational method when using our organizers?

A: I love to display my everyday products for easy access. And my Chanel foundation is a holy grail so that always has to sit on top.

 Q: Do you have any beauty secrets you swear by?

A: Drink a lot of WATER! It helps your hair skin and nails, no amount of makeup can satisfy you without a healthy canvas.


Press play to watch Thania organize her makeup collection!

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