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Whether it's a corner, cabinet, or full on glam room, our spotlight series takes a peek inside the organized beauty spaces of customers, influencers, and the makeup-obsessed!

Beauty Space Spotlight: Q&A with Influencer, Erika (@missglamErika)


We caught up with beauty influencer, Erika to learn more about her beauty secrets, organization tips n' tricks, and of course her gorgeous vanity featuring our two-tone makeup organizers. 


Q: You have an adorable beauty space! What is your favorite part?

A: My most favorite part of my beauty space is the vanity area. I can sit there for hours and play in makeup, or listen to music while creating makeup looks. It’s so therapeutic for me, honestly.  


Q: How would you describe your style?

A: My style is very pink, girly and glam and most definitely trendsetting.


Q: How often do you organize and re-arrange your room?

A:  I rearrange my room every so often, but I organize a lot. I get bored easily so it’s a must I switch things around and make my collection seem a bit more interesting.


Q: What attracted you to Sorbus Beauty Makeup Organizers?

A: I love the uniqueness of the Sorbus Beauty Organizers. The quality of each organizer is incredible and so is the affordability. There are so many styles and colors to choose from, and that’s what we need in a beauty space / glam room. 


Q: We stalked your gram and saw you're mom of two who stresses the importance of family time. How do you balance family life, work, and pushing out content daily to over 70k followers?

A: I’ll admit, balancing it all sometimes is definitely challenging. I work full time, have two daughters and still have to find time to manage my social media pages. Weekends are usually when I devote time to create all of my content.


Q: Do any of your children have a passion for makeup or dip into yours?!

A: My oldest daughter is such a mini me and loves makeup and my youngest could care less, lol. 


Q: What’s your organizational method when using our organizers?

A: When I am organizing my makeup in my Sorbus organizers, there really isn’t a special way or method that I use.  Sometimes I like to organize by brand, sometimes by the size of the items, I’ve organized my product before, etc. It just depends on my mood. Lol!

 Q: Do you have any beauty secrets you swear by?

A: As for beauty secrets, I’ve learned a couple this year while attending Mario Dedivanovic’s master class in Chicago. I’ve been applying eye gels in the mornings while I do my brows and let the gels sit to depuff my under eye area. They make a world of a difference. I’ve used eye creams on my lips and it works better than most balms to keep lips hydrated and plump. I also learned a tip from Mario for when you’re applying makeup and your eyes water. You simply open your mouth, inhale through your nose and the tears are gone! Trust me, it works. It’s also saved my eyeshadow looks!

Shop the two-tone makeup organizers in purple/clear here. For more makeup organization and inspo, follow @missglamErika.  


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    I loved reading this Q&A. I am a follower of Erika and I love all she post. Her stories is where it’s all at tho. She has great style and an incredible personality.

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