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Whether it's a corner, cabinet, or full on glam room, our spotlight series takes a peek inside the organized beauty spaces of customers, influencers, and the makeup-obsessed!


Pink obsessed + girly everything describes the aesthetic of beauty influencer, Evita (@evita424). Learn more about her makeup routine, beauty room, plus what she loves most about her Sorbus Beauty organizers . Read below babes! 


Q. How often do you organize and re-arrange your room?

Tbh I rearrange and move stuff literally every day! I'm always getting new makeup, skincare, decor and more and trying to find room for it all can be tricky. My husband likes to say I need a beauty house not a beauty room :)

Q. What is the one makeup item that you just can’t stop buying?

Blush palettes! I love blush but not so much the individual compacts, I always feel like they don't allow me to get my brush completely in there but with palettes I can kinda run my brush over all the colors.

Q. Sephora or Ulta?

That's hard! I love both but I'd say Ulta because I love their point system, I feel like I always make out better there. And their 21 days of Beauty is amazing!

Q. Talk to us about your brand and how you amassed 114K followers! 

I started my account years ago as something fun to do. I've always enjoyed photography and I'm a collector of so, Starbucks cups, candles, purses, so I thought photographing those things would be really cute. The more I did it, the more ppl I connected with that have the same interests as me and little by little I started another entire family, my IG family. I absolutely love being a content creator. I get to try new products all the time, I get to share my love for everything here without judgement, I get to meet new people, and also just talk and chat to my friends that I've made throughout the years.

Q. You have an adorable daughter, Aria! Is she allowed to play in mommy’s makeup room?

Oh she LOVES this room. I have a baby gate at the door and she screams and cries if I don't let her in. She loves to play with my makeup brushes the most. She rubs them on her face and I think she likes the way they feel, so soft and plushy. She's attempted to pick up a palette or two already and I almost had a heart attack. That's when it's time for her to exit the premises haha.

Q. What is your 10 minute makeup routine to get out of the door quickly?

With a 1 year old, I seem to only ever have 10 mins these days so I like to wash my face good, use a toner and then a very moisturizing face cream that gives my skin a glow like Tatcha Dewy cream. After that really sinks in, I use a hydrating concealer to spot conceal any blemishes, redness, and my dark circles. I also dab a little on my lids to cover my veiny eyelids. Next I throw on mascara, a little eyebrow action, nothing much, I keep is super natural looking, basically just filling in spots that look bare, some lip gloss and lastly I spray my face with a setting spray or facial mist, I personally love the Mario Badescu lavender spray.

Q. What attracted you to Sorbus Beauty Makeup Organizers?

Firstly the price!! I've been using Sorbus organizers since my very first vanity about 7 years ago. At that time I didn't want to spend alot of money so I looked on Amazon for acrylic storage and literally sorted by price. The nicest ones I saw at a price I wanted to spend were Sorbus. I ordered just the basic clear ones and I loved it. I ended up buying several more and when I realized they could be stacked I was in heaven. Over the years seeing all the new colors, and designs has made me fall in love all over again. I love how versatile they are as well. The carousel is one of my favorite items. I use mine for skincare but could imagine using it for anything really. The price, look, and quality of Sorbus organizers really keep me coming back.

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