2018 Spring Makeup Trends to Follow Now!


The best way to get ahead of the Spring makeup trends is to look no further than the fashion week runways in Paris, Milan, London and New York. The best news?! Avant-garde took a backseat to more wearable looks and hair was easily and casually styled rather than fiercely done-up.

If your front row Fashion Week tickets were lost in the mail, fear not, we will outline some of the main trends you’ll see as the April showers bring May flowers. 😉

Natural Vibes

Woman with natural flawless skin

Michael Kors embraced intense natural curls and bare, natural faces and other designers took note. If you’ve been able to keep your skin healthy and hydrated through the winter months, you should opt for just a touch of concealer or a light dusting of powder to help even tone, rather than applying a full face of foundation. Finish the look with just the slightest hint of highlighter and quick wipe of neutral-toned mascara and you’re ready to walk like the models on the Stella McCartney and Givenchy runways.


Barely There

Woman with natural glowing makeup

Balmain offered up the always-in-vogue, barely there look. With a dewy dusting of light foundation, well groomed brows and a natural balm or matte finish on the lips, many models looked as if they could walk right off the runway and down the street. This clean, fresh-faced look never gets old and is perfect for those who want to wear the natural look, but don’t have a smooth enough complexion to feel confident going foundation free.

Each of these looks are perfect for the workplace and a casual day, but can be enhanced (if you’re looking for a little more) with a warm, peachy blush, a highlighter for contour, a little bronzer for dimension and an eye designed with neutral browns, beiges and golds.  

They can also be easily transitioned for a night out by tacking on a gently smoky eye and a little extra blush.


Pop of color

POP of color eye makeup

Designers like Badgley-Mishka, Tracey Reese, Tadashi Shoji, Valentino, Missoni and Cynthia Rowley opted for bright swipes of color on the eyelids. From emerald greens and royal blues utilized to display power and fierceness, to edgy yellows and oranges and the wide spectrum of feminine pinks ranging from blush to neon, these singular pops of color were paired most often with a very natural lip and face.

If a more traditional eye is your preference, you can add your pop by utilizing what the experts are calling upside down liner. To achieve the look, just use a shadow or liner to line just the bottom lash line.

White Eyeliner

Woman wearing white eyeliner

This look works two ways--as a stand alone and as a compliment to a darker shade. As a stand alone, wear it just as you would your normal eyeliner. It’s appropriate for a basic tightline or a unique cat-eye. As a compliment, layer your standard liner along the tight, inner lash line and then layer the white on top. Or line the eye as normal and use the white to swipe the tight line. It’s a cool look that adds a subtle layer of edge without being inappropriate for daytime.


All About The Lip

Application of red lipstick

There was no major consensus on the appropriate lip for spring. Some designers rocked a powerful red. Some showed a smudged, messy, left-over-from-last-night looks. Some showed a naturally balmy, unlined lip. Some showed a totally bare lip (my favorite). So what do you need to do to stay on trend with your lip this spring? Whatever you want!

It’s All So Basic, Give Me More

Woman with Twiggy Inspired Eye Makeup

In case these mostly low-key makeup looks just aren’t doing it for you, there was one incredibly interesting trend on many runways...leftover mascara. I’m sure you remember the television ads boasting clump-resistant mascara or “no spider eyes,” but this year fashion week makeup artists were saying BRING IT ON! In a Twiggy-esque tribute, these spidery lashes were often paired with the fresh faces we described above, but could also easily be done with a more made-up face.

There are several mascaras on the market that are advertise for their “spidering” effect, but you can likely achieve the look at home with whatever is in your cosmetic organizer by applying three or four extra passes of your preferred product!

So, what trends will you test as Spring approaches? Share your ideas in the comments below!




Article by Abbey Harris

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