5 Ways You Can Reach #StorageGoals

There’s no feeling more satisfying then a perfectly organized makeup station.  Not to mention, it totally shaves off some valuable time during your morning routine. Whether your prep space needs a total overhaul or a quick color coding, here are 5 ways you can use cosmetic organizers to reach your #StorageGoals


Be Bold and Bright

5 ways to reach #storagegoals with cosmetic organizers - be bold be brightThe next big trend in makeup storage…color! Colored cosmetic organizers are like a filter for your makeup collection. They make everything look effortlessly chic. With tints of pink and purple, colored cosmetic organizers can be used to give your makeup station a style theme (à la galaxy) or as an unexpected way to brighten up your space.


Customize Your Storage

M5 ways to reach #storagegoals with cosmetic organizers - customizableaybe you need an extra drawer for all of those eyeshadow palettes?  No problem! Customize your collection using our stackable drawer set storage system. As a fun DIY for your vanity, the interchangeable design allows you to easily separate products by type and size in your cosmetic organizers. Simply stack both the top and drawer combinations together or individually for a one-of-a-kind display.


Top it Off!

To5 ways to reach #storagegoals with cosmetic organizers - top it offp Compartments are an essential to any makeup station!  A must-have for pros and product junkies, slotted tops create a safe storage place for makeup brushes, holding them in the ideal, upright position. That means no more frayed or wild bristles! You’ll get even more #StorageGoals style points when you add marbles and beads as a fun filler.


Color Code Your Collection

W5 ways to reach #storagegoals with cosmetic organizers - Color codinghat makeup lover doesn’t go to bed at night with dreams of a color-coded lippie collection?! Use a slotted display or two-column drawer to separate your bolds from your nudes. It’s the little touches like color-coding and sorting products by finish and type that make your vanity polished to perfection.


Create a Pretty Display

Y5 ways to reach #storagegoals with cosmetic organizers - Display Caseou can’t reach #StorageGoals without being totally extra! Show off your most glam buys in a display case! Perfect for holding that limited-edition highlighter or any designer splurges, display cases take your makeup station to the next level.  Not only do they let you separate your favorite beauty buys, but display cases create a stunning accessory that will spark some major style envy.


What are some of your makeup station #StorageGoals? Don’t forget to tag us with #StorageGoals, #ShopSorbusBeauty and @SorbusBeauty with your makeup station pictures. We might even follow back a few of our favorites ;).



Author: Rachel Elliott of Bronzers&Brunch

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